One down, seven more to go!

It’s been almost a month since the semester has ended, and I figured that now was a good enough time as any to write a reflection about my first semester at MIT.

I’m basically just looking through my diary for interesting things to write about, since college is a busy time and I certainly can’t list everything I’ve done off the top of my head. Also, keeping a diary and going through old entries is never a bad thing; it’s not a huge time commitment and it does wonders for your mental health.

A couple of things I noted, some of which may be helpful to incoming students:

  • Freshman orientation events are a complete waste of time; I personally couldn’t bring myself to skip any of them in fear of missing something important but this was never the case
  • Everything is overpriced up here so Amazon/Costco are your best bet for getting the most out of your money
  • Anime Club gets official club funding to buy DVDs and BDs – this fact blew my mind
  • There is so much more time available outside of class and schoolwork, but there are also so many more things to do during that time
  • Getting adequate sleep isn’t too difficult (most of the time), and the biggest challenge to that is having the self control to go to bed at a reasonable hour
  • When doing laundry, confirm that the machine you’re trying to use actually works before potentially wasting precious time and money
  • Having a credit card is convenient, as is having a Venmo account
  • Reviewing your monthly credit card statement is a responsible thing to do and helps you get a better understanding of your finances
  • Going to IHOP at 2 am sounds like a bad idea, but it really isn’t

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