One down, seven more to go!

It’s been almost a month since the semester has ended, and I figured that now was a good enough time as any to write a reflection about my first semester at MIT. I’m basically just looking through my diary for interesting things to write about, since college is a busy time and I certainly can’t […]

TI6 Reflections

Just got back from a brief excursion to the west coast, and boy was it amazing. Seattle weather was a nice change of pace from the humidity and heat of northern Virginia. It didn’t rain at all during the week of TI, and the city itself was clean too. Apart from the homelessness problem in […]

Being an adult

Turning 18 was a pretty good experience. I highly recommend it.

A Prefrosh’s thoughts on Campus Preview Weekend

It’s been two weeks since MIT’s Campus Preview Weekend ended, but I haven’t had a chance to sit down and collect my thoughts until now. It was a really great experience; it was my first taste of college and also my first time in Boston. Thursday was actually quite underwhelming for me. It was raining […]

LASACTF, and a problem writeup

Last week, I participated in LASACTF, a national high school CTF competition. Unfortunately, the competition ended half a week earlier than it should have because a hacker released the flags for all the problems. I was on team┬áSecond Semester Seniors, and we placed first. Since I’ll inevitably be doing more CTFs in the future, I […]