Hi, I'm Jason. I'm an MIT student from northern Virginia studying Computer Science and Management. I lived in Fuzhou, Fujian, China for four years as a "satellite baby" before returning to the United States. I attended the Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Tech, where I was a member of the computer teams and the economics team and played trumpet in both jazz and marching band. I am also a martial artist; I have practiced Taekwondo since age 8 and have a third degree black belt.

I've always had a keen interest in video games. When I was entering third grade, my family purchased a computer for educational use, but I quickly used it to discover the joys of PC gaming. The only video game consoles I owned before this point were a Game Boy Color and a Playstation One, so even terrible PC games like AdventureQuest were a massive improvement compared to I was playing before. I created a Steam account to get a copy of Portal for free during the "Learn with Portals" promotion in 2011, and then discovered all the free-to-play games available. As a result, I played a lot of Team Fortress 2 and Spiral Knights, and managed some Team Fortress 2 servers on the side (wrote some server plugins too). Over the years, I've played numerous MMORPGs, but found none of them to be compelling enough to stick with. Nowadays, my primary game is Dota 2, and I've attended The International twice (2016 and 2017).

My interest in programming stemmed from an early desire to create games. I discovered the Flash game creation website Sploder and quickly joined its community of like-minded individuals. After some time on the site, I became motivated to create my own website, and found the Webs.com service. The site I created in 2009 serves as a shining example (or painful reminder?) of how bad I was at web design. I quickly felt restricted by the service's drag-and-drop interface and limited JavaScript, and left to host a PHP site elsewhere. The website you're currently on is my fourth rendition of a personal site; the first of which being a self-hosted Wordpress blog, the second being a PHP site with a table layout that embedded my Google+ feed, and the third being a PHP site using Material Design Lite and an embedded Wordpress blog.

Upon entering high school, I taught myself enough C++ to do competitive programming, and eventually reached USACO gold division. I also took classes involving Java and Android development. I learned how to work with my first MVC framework Ruby on Rails during my 2015 internship with Insight Interfaces LLC and discovered Django shortly afterwards. It was during this time when I taught myself Ruby and Python to work with the MVC platforms. During my various side projects over the years, I have worked with JQuery, Node.js, AngularJS, and Meteor.

The first anime I watched was Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica during the summer of 2013, but that certainly wasn't my first encounter with "weeaboo culture." For example, I picked up social cues from /a/ users on Google+ long before I watched my first anime, and also played Katawa Shoujo on release. My favorite anime studio became Trigger after their release of Kill la Kill—I'm a big fan of every single one of their shows, especially the controversial ones (except Kiznaiver... that show sucked). I'm also an avid fan of Type-Moon and the Nasuverse, but that's not even particularly special anymore after the influx of secondary fans from Fate/Grand Order. I used to be an editor for Chihiro-Fansubs, but lost interest because fansubbing is dead.